Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look what I got!!!

My very own Cricut expression!!! YEA!

My sweet SIL/BFF has let me borrow/have her baby bug... and I have appreciated it soooooooo much, but I needed an expression to fill the whole in my heart! HA! I am exaggerating, but I did really want one. It cuts so nice and I can do a lil' bit more with it.

I did a lil research during my foot surgery recovery and found a great deal at Walmart... I just needed to wait until I started working again before I could purchase it! The very night I started back to work, I bid on a very similar bundle on ebay and actually won it!!!

This is the bundle I got from ebay! all this for...

$260!!! YEA!

the bundle from Walmart was $256 it came with all the same things... except it only came with 2 carts instead of 6. oh, this also came with 12x12 cutting mat... not pictured.

I am so happy with it!!! I love love love my expression!


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  1. Have fun creating!!! Love my expression, too!


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