Thursday, July 29, 2010


I swear I am not {missing in action}

Just took a lil' breather...


We went on a wicked awesome vacation and came back with the baby sick. So, Okay... He's not a baby! he's 3!!! but he's my last... so I'll probably call him baby for awhile...well at least until he's potty trained... and at the rate he's going... that might be awhile.

Both he and my sweet girl were sick all last week... :( it was awful! they were having high fever, throwing up, having it run out the other end if you know what I mean, and coughs and sore throats all at the same time.

...then I worked my very first weekend since I had surgery in June... it was a great weekend!!! I love what I do! I guess absence makes the heart grow founder. ;)

...Monday, I thought yea... we can get back to normal... NOT! hubby woke up sick. and then Monday night I began to have a fever and started throwing up... {WHAT???} that doesn't happen to super moms does it??? oh that's right... there is nothing super about me. HA! I was soooo sick, at one point, I thought my heart was going to stop my fever was so high, I was shaking so bad, I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. PHEW... glad I made it through that... now, I just have a sore throat and a lil' cough... I can so live with that!

SO, let's try this again... tomorrow is Friday, and I will try to have some normalcy. i said, {try}... so my expectations are guarded...'s my sweet family... LOVE 'em!!!

Love and miss you all


  1. Awww...great family picture!
    I'm so sorry you guys have been sick! Was it the flu? If it wasn't, then it sure was a virus with a lot of symptoms! I hope you all stay well for a while now!

  2. Hello Melissa~ I am back & catching up with my bloggers. Thanks for your lovely message on my blog.
    I love your family pic!
    Sorry to hear you were all sick but with God's strength & healing power recovery is on its' way.
    Take care of yourself & that precious family.
    Again, I am grateful for your blog support & following.
    I was reviewing your posts and just loved all the cards you have been busy making. Great job.
    Stay well.


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