Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's Celebrate Jesus on Easter...

My Kids have love to read (well, what I mean to say... is they love to be read to ;) Kiana is learning to recognize letters, but can not read just yet. Anyway... we have this book called, "Let's celebrate Jesus on Easter" by Amy Beveridge.

I thought I would share some of spring time pics as I share the story with you...

At Easter, I will decorate eggs with lots of bright colors...

(coloring eggs with daddy! 4/2/2010.)

...But Jesus is the one who colors my world every day.
Psalm 19:1 "the heavens tell of the glory of God!"

At Easter, I will buy sweet treats to share with my friends...

(the kiddo's Easter goodies... we WILL be sharing that candy! ;)

...But Jesus is the one who shares all my thoughts and feelings.
Psalm 139:2 "you know my every thought."

At Easter, I will hunt for eggs...

(Kylen (3) hunting for eggs 4/3/2010)

(Kiana (5) hunting for egss 4/3/2010)

...But Jesus never has to hunt for me-he always knows right where I am.
Psalm 139:3 "Every moment you know where I am."

At Easter, I see knew life all around me...

(Kiana and Ky with "Joe-Joe" and their new baby cousin, Jett)

... But Jesus' new life on that first Easter morning is what I celebrate!
Luke 24:6 "He isn't here! He has risen from the dead!"

On Easter, I will dress in new clothes and get a basket full of surprises...

(Kiddos on Good Friday 4/2/2010)

...But knowing Jesus loves me is the best gift I will ever receive.
Romans 6:23 "The free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord."

Yes, Easter is filled with good things bright and new...

(Kiddos Easter morning with their new shiny bikes!)

...but I can praise Jesus for giving me new life every day of the year!
John 11:25 "I am the resurrection and the life!")

Many Blessings!!!
<3 Mel (and Family :)

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  1. So sweet - thanks for sharing your family's Easter with us! :)

    BTW - Your kiddos are adorable!


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