Friday, April 16, 2010

busy busy busy

Hey strangers!

I have been crazy busy, but can't really think of what I have been doing exactly... hmm... needless to say; it's been keeping me from blogging, so it must be important!

...anyway, before I start my crazy work weekend, I would like to share the name tags I made for my kiddos' new Eco friendly snack bags.

Birdies = Kiana's Bees = Ky's

Have a new devotional that I wrote this week also... will try to post it Monday. I actually need to take some pictures, because for the first time... I did an illustration also. ;)

Have a blessed weekend!

<3 Mel


  1. VERY CUTE!! you did a great job!:)

  2. "birds& bees"? Are you subconciously planning on another baby ;)

  3. I make similar things with baseball card holders - they are super thick and won't bend or tear. I ordered a huge box online but you might be able to get them at a hobby store or something. I have a pic of some things I've made with them on

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. :)


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