Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter projects...

Hey sweet friends!!!

I am really working out my George Cart (I only have that and 1 other one)! I bought the kids some really cute metal pails from target and thought I would make some cute name tags for them. If I had the opportunity I would have laminated them (...and I still may ;).

Kiana is my lil' princess... so I she got Tinker Bell!

I had to outline her name in Purple... originally it looked to "plain"

Kylen is my super hero... so he got Spider Man!

notice the cool spider man paper! He was so proud to help me pick that out!

Here is a cute candy wrapper we made for their teachers...

...Again I used the George cart...

Thanks as usual for looking at my stuff! I have a lot of fun doing it!!! I am looking forward to doing my first home decor project next week... I am framing a bunch of pics for my hubby and will be making a wall grouping... any suggestions to what cricut cart I should get for wording like "family", "fun times", etc... ???

<3 Mel


  1. These are SUPER cute Melissa! You did a wonderful job my friend!:)

  2. That is so cute.
    I need to go and play with my cricut, I have so much to learn on it, I bought it when it first came out, and I still have so much more I could be doing with it.


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