Monday, March 29, 2010

Life happens

Things happen in life... good or bad, they just happen! Sometimes we choose what happens and sometimes it chooses us. Sometimes it's good and sometimes its bad!

About 2 years and 9 months ago something bad happened mom's boyfriend of 25 years was murdered. As you can imagine, it was a very difficult time! In a way, it is still difficult... we are still dealing with Dave's loss. He was a big part of our lives and is missed so very much.

Last week, Dave's killer was found guilty in 9 charges (4 murder charges, a few robbery charges and some others I'm not quite cure about). But I can not tell you how relieved we are that this portion of it all is behind us. We still have to deal with the sentencing phase and there is one more person involved that will be tried this summer.

Last week was a very rough week for me... I work as a nurse and I work every weekend (I only get 4 off a year, including sick days). I try to save them for emergencies and vacations. I decided not to take the weekend off... I worked all weekend, came home on Sunday and packed our bags. My bro in law, my kiddos, and my self hit the road at 6:30a.mCST. to drive to OH from TN. we got there Monday evening... On the way there I found out my sister was loosing her baby :(she was about 8.5 weeks or so). Tuesday, I had to see the killer face to face in court and Wednesday, I had to hear in gory detail about how Dave died... and I wasn't able to turn my head in time not to see the picture of him lying in his own blood...:( that was hard! Right after I left the court, I went to my in-laws and packed up the van once again to journey back to TN. We left at 12:30pm EST.... Got back to TN 10:30CST. went to sleep and woke up at 5 to go to the hospital to be with SIL/BFF as she was induced... While I was at the hospital with her, my mom Texted to let me know the verdict was in! GUILTY, GUILT, GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, and GUILTY!!! A few hours later, my sweet baby nephew was born. A few hours after that I was on a very fancy date with my hubby, celebrating 14 years of marriage!

All that to say... good things do happen!!! On our way to our date... God put a rainbow in the sky... I think it was just for me, though a lot of people told me they saw it! To me, it was a reminder that God's promises are YES and AMEN! It was just what I needed to remind me that Life happens, both good and bad... and nooooo matter what God has a plan! I'll I need to do is trust Him!

Thanks for reading!!!

<3 Mel


  1. Such an uplifting post! I always say, if God brings you TO it, He will bring you THROUGH it. :)

  2. Wow you had a mind draining time. You have to look for the good in life even when there is bad.

  3. God is so good!!

  4. Hello dear~ congrats on your nephew & the guilty verdict! Our God is a just God and he knows all things. In spite of how busy you were and all that you had to endure, your belief in God and love for him got you through it all. So happy to see you reign victorious over all the tribulations. God is in your corner & we shall lift you up in prayer.
    Take care.

  5. I have to tell you that your post brought a few tears to my eyes. Life is very hard sometimes, but if we can look for those silver linings and recognize them in our lives it helps get through the bumps.
    Congrats on the lovely new nephew and I hope for peace to your mother as well.


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