Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day was a blast!!!

Hey there everyone! I hope you all had a great Father's day!

We really enjoyed ourselves! I usually work every weekend, but needed to have foot surgery... so I am taking 6 weeks off to recover. what a blessing it has been. I have been able to go to church... WOW!!! I loved loved loved yesterdays service! I never ever get mother's day or father's day off so that was so awesome too!!! We had a great day! After church we went to My hubby's favorite resteraunt... which happens to be all of our fav! then we came home and took a great Sunday nap!

We also crafted a lil' bit... well not my hubby, but me and the kiddo's did! I love love love the gift we made Him for Father's day!!! It is not what I planned, but I LOVE how it came together.

My hubby loves to write and goes thru comp notebooks quite often... so we decided to decorate one for him. Every year, I try to make a card or craft with the kids hands on it, so we can keep record of how there hands grow... well this year, I couldn't get there hand, and a pic of them to fit... :( there growing tooooooo fast!!! ;) after brainstorming and moving things around... I had the idea to take the hands and make a heart! Isn't it AWESOME!!! we think so! My hubby even likes it... which is awesome, because he's not really that interested in my "craft-ability" heehee!

I used just a plain black composition notebook... (there are some really cute ones out there now that actually have different colored binding... so you can buy to match your theme. keep in mind their usually a couple $'s as opposed to the plain black ones which are usually less then a $). most of the paper I used is way old and I have no idea where it is from, but the red is brand new... It is from papertrey ink. I cut out "daddy" using the calligraphy collection cricut cart and the heart is cut out of george basic shapes cricut cart (but I had to cut it down to fit in there hands). When it was all glued down I painted it with 3 coats of modge podge... (this pic was taken before I modge podged it. :) oh and I used my brand new pink stamper stamps... I think this set is called friends and family... I used "father" and "you rock")

We are also surprised our kids with the knowledge that we are going on vaca to the mountains in July! we are all so excited but the kids think we are going today... hahaha! so I borrowed this idea from my BFF and made a paper chain picture... so everyday, we can pull a link off... then we know how many days there are left.

My daughter, who is 5 helped me... she is very creative!!! She picked all the colors for both the picture and the links. I LOVE the pink mountain!!! she cut out the grass and mountain using some edging sissors I have... and what a cute idea she had to use cotton balls for the clouds instead of boring white paper. I wanted to use the cricut and cut out "vacation" and the date... but crayons were the instrument chosen by my 3 yr old who wanted to help when we were almost done. (like daddy, like son! ;)

How fun is this! 1st thing this morning... instead of getting snuggle time, I got come on momma... let's go downstairs and rip the chain. I LOVE IT!

Also, I am working on another devotional... God is totally dealing with me about believing and trusting his promises. hopefully I'll have it up soon. check out my other devotionals if you like... and let me know what you think.

Thanks sooooooooo much for visiting my blog!

Love, Mel

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  1. Your father's day gift is adorable. What a sweet idea.
    I love the countdown with the chains how neat is that.


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